Tomperrow Celebrates 20 Years!

Sunday, the 26th May, was a very special day indeed for Tomperrow Scout Campsite.

Scout Groups within the Truro District came together to celebrate 20 years of this fabulous facility.

And what a great day it was......the sun shone brightly, the bunting fluttered, and as you entered the campsite the sounds of fun and laughter filled the air.

Considering there was over 160 young members, including, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, there was a happy wonder of calmness across the site.

Supported by more than 70 adults (Leaders and Parents) the youngsters were given the opportunity to try out over thirty different activities, across six zones, with a 'Chinese' theme (China representing the 20 year Anniversary), in mixed groups, meeting and making new friends.

The activities included five fun games in the Games Zone. Youngsters had a go at Chinese Tile Etching, Paper Folding, Vegetable Carving and Printing, making Chinese Drums, and helped to build the 'Tomperrow Wall of Friendship', inspired by the Great Wall of China, within the Craft Zone. The Challenge Zone provided thought provoking activities such as building the Block Dragon, designing a Panda Cage, Sedan Chair making with pioneering poles and testing it over an obstacle course, Kite making and the Oriental Star game!

Lots of fun was had within the Fun Zone, with Chinese Blindfolded Food Tasting, Noodle Knot making, Rope making, Chinese Writing on Cedar Shingles and creating Chinese Knots. Floods of laughter and giggles came from the Circus Skills Zone run by the wacky Wez Swain! And the Explorers did a fabulous job of running the Puzzle Zone, which stretched both mental and physical skills of the youngsters.

Everyone, from the youngest Beaver to the Oldest Adult, were completely absorbed in what they were doing, and produced some great craft items to take home and undertaking challenges of all kinds, with great gusto!
The day finished with a traditional Campfire, an authentic Chinese Meal and a special motivational talk and performance by Wez.

Without the support and commitment of the adults and the young members taking part, this 20th Anniversary would not have been the great success it was, and a day to remember.

The whole day was a happy celebration of Scouting at Tomperrow, shared by all who attended.


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