Tomperrow Scout Campsite Booking Guide

Welcome to our new calendar and booking system.

If it is the first time you have made a booking you will be asked to register as a customer when you start the process.

  • Please look through the calendar to see if the date you require is free.   If a previous booking covers more than one day the times shown are the start time on the first day and the end time on the last day.
  • When making a booking as Main Site First User you are booking the use of the building, kitchen, showers and camping fields. As Main Site Second User you are booking to share the same facilities.
  • If the date you require is completely free, click the + in Main Site First User.
  • If you require exclusive use of the site tick Main Site First User and Main Site Second User.  If you are prepared to share the site leave Second User blank.
  • Complete the Event Name including the name of your Group or organisation and the activity (camp, meeting etc). This will appear on the calendar and you can see examples there).
  • Complete the start and end dates and times bearing in mind that another user may book up to your start time and immediately after your finish time. Please allow reasonable setup and clearing time.
  • Choose the best fit Activity from the drop down menu.
  • If you haven’t booked before a brief entry in Description will help us when confirming the booking
  • Number of People attending is an estimate and only required for camp bookings.

If the date you wish to book has a First User but Second User is free you can book to share the site if you wish.  Click on the Second User + and follow the process above.  We will check with the First User that they are happy with this arrangement before confirming your booking.

The Top Site Expedition Area is a separate area away from other users.  It is suitable for lightweight camping such as Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.  Users of this area will still need to access the main site for water and toilets.  This area can only be booked by contacting the management team who will check with other users before confirming the booking.  If you are booking the main site and do not want this area to be available during your stay please make a note in the Description box.

If you require any further help or information please contact the booking team
Mobile: 07760 673885


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